Sara Khan authors book, says it’s for teenage kids’ parents

Mumbai, May 26 (IANS) “Dhoondh Legi Manzil Humein” fame actress Sara Khan, who doesn’t want to be part of anything and everything and selects projects carefully, invests her time in other creative activities too. She has authored a book, a guide for teenage parents.

However, the book is yet to be published.

“I have written a book, but I have not published it. They (publishers) want me to be in London for the press conferences, promotions and all. At the moment, I cannot give that time, so I have put it on hold. It requires at least four months in London,” she said.

“My main objective is to start off with one book and see how it goes. I still have to see if I am a good writer. The book is for parents with teenage kids and how they should handle their hormonal ups and downs and stress,” she said.

Not only does she write and act, but the multi-talented actress has a lot of other interests as well.

“There are too many things. I am very creative by nature. With writing, I conduct seminars. I have worked for WHO and conducted trainings in colleges. So I will continue that. Apart from that, I like little things like candle-making, drawing and anything to do with art,” she said.

The actress, who will soon be seen on the small screen, doesn’t believe in over exposure.

“I don’t want to be seen too much or throw my self on screen. I have found interest in acting and I want to take it forward. But it has to be something nice,” Sara told IANS.

She has shot a pilot for a show.

“I do have plans to come back on TV. We have shot a pilot, but it will be better to talk about it once it gets approved. My decision to work in television is based on the projects. If I like the projects, I will take up the stories. If I don’t like it, I will not take it up,” she said.

–Indo-Asian news Service


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