Manmohan Singh weakest PM, Advani says again

New Del May 2 (IANS) BJP leader L.K. Advani Thursday launched a diatribe against Manmohan Singh, again calling him the weakest prime minister who is running the most corrupt government.

In his blog, the veteran BJP leader, wrote: “I cannot forget that when in 2009, I had described Dr. Singh as the weakest Prime Minister the country has had, some of my own colleagues felt that I was being too severe. But I still hold that it is this attribute of his – weakness – that makes him so subservient to 10, Janpath, and thus unable to avail of the authority innate in this office of Prime Ministership.”

“Again, it is precisely because of this shortcoming of Dr. Singh that history may well record that while personally he may be upright, the Government over which he has presided for a decade has been the most corrupt in Free India,” his blog entry read.

“And this would be not just on the basis of media reports, but would be sustained by several judicial verdicts and numerous reports of the Comptroller and Auditor General,” he said.

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