Juan Luis Guerra says joy the key to his success

Miami, May 17 (IANS/EFE) Singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra, a veteran of 29 years in the music industry, calls joy the key to his success and says “the best is yet to come”.

The Dominican star talked with EFE on the occasion of the release of “Asondeguerra”, a CD/DVD of a 2012 concert before 50,000 fans at Santo Domingo’s Olympic Stadium.

“I want to be in film, and we are looking at the possibility of making music for the cinema,” Guerra, 55, said about future projects, which may also include a new album of original material and another world tour.

It is “a privilege” to remain relevant in the music industry for so many years, the multiple Grammy winner said.

“I see a lot of kids at the concerts and that has been inculcated by their parents, of that I am sure,” said Guerra. “People seek to be joyful, to dance and to be happy. That’s part of what we do in the show.”

The artist is also happy to share credit with God.

“I believe the Lord had that plan, from the beginning,” Guerra said. “He knew the talent he had given me and what I had to do.”



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