It’s vada versus vada-pao in IPL final

Kolkata, May 26 (IANS) As a sideshow to the clash between two-time champions Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and star-studded Mumbai Indians (MI) in the Indian Premier League (IPL) final Sunday, there was also a running battle between the fans of the two sides on online polls and social networking sites.

Both CSK and MI measured up equally in votes for polls themed on who will clinch the IPL 2013 trophy. Answers to questions like “Who has a stronger batting line up” showed a tie between the two squads.

Facebook pages were swamped with quizzes like “Who will win IPL 2013” and “Vote for your favourite team”.

Some netizens equated the teams to the regional street foods, vada pao for MI and vada for CSK – thereby making “vada-pao versus vada” another popular forum to vote at.

Dhoni’s followers took it up a notch higher with one-liners like “Come on Team Dhoni, let’s have some Mumbai Vada Pao for Sunday dinner”.

The hit “Keep Calm” phrase made rounds of Facebook with “Keep Calm and support CSK” and “Keep Calm and support MI”.

Spot fixing blot notwithstanding, legions of IPL enthusiasts reiterated their faith in the platform that brings cricket and entertainment together.

“Let us forget the betting part and get on with the finals. We love cricket,” wrote a cricket lover.

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