‘Invisible forces’ trying to stall Kerala’s progress: Minister

Thiruvananthapuram, May 23 (IANS) Kerala Industries and Information Technology Minister P.K. Kunhalikutty Thursday said some invisible forces were trying to stall the state’s progress on all fronts but refused to identify them.

“Whenever any project, including even widening of roads, is announced, there is stiff resistance from certain quarters… The opposition in our state is by and large supportive of most projects,” said Kunhalikutty.

“I do not want to spark a controversy by naming these forces. What we can do is to launch an awareness campaign to see that Kerala’s progress in not stalled,” said the minister.

Speaking to reporters, he said projects that faced opposition from the so-called invisible forces included the seaplane service which was ready for commissioning May 27.

By using small aircraft that land on water bodies, the project aims to provide an additional layer of transportation by offering last-mile connectivity to tourist destinations.

“Contrary to the fears raised by those who opposed the project, neither the environment nor any activity that is currently on (fishing) will have any problems,” the minister said.

“We assure that development will take place by protecting the environment,” added Kunhalikutty.

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