Indo-US cooperation in education to increase

Washington, May 16 (IANS) India and the US will further expand cooperation in the knowledge sector, Human Resource Development Minister Pallam Raju said here during a round table discussion on the US-India Academic Partnership.

The round table was organised by the International Institute of Education to discuss issues such as collaboration in the field of community colleges and promoting online courses and technology enabled education.

It also discussed students mobility, particularly encouraging US students to visit India.

Seeking US co-operation in promoting skill building in India, the minister said that co-operation should be supportive in the field of “information and communication technology, digital world, promoting quality research and innovation and boosting vocational education system”.

The minister said that eight more awards have been finalised under the Obama-Singh 21st century Knowledge Initiative and the joint announcement would be made during the Indo-US strategic dialogue in Delhi in June.

“Eight such awards were announced last year there is a proposal to place young Indian faculty in best of US institutions to enhance their capabilities. Under this plan 126 post-doctorals have been selected,” said Raju.

Raju also met US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and discussed issued relating to improvement of school education, teacher educators, assessment of schools and community participation in school education.

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