Indian man drowns off Bahrain beach

The body of Sajith Somarajan Pillai was Sunday found on the Al Jazair beach of the country, the Gulf Daily News reported Monday.

According to police, though the death is not being treated as suspicious, investigations are still on.

Achu Sreenivasan, a friend of Pillai, said he was with the victim on the beach when the latter decided to go for a swim Saturday.

“We thought he was joking around when he started to swim further out to sea. We asked him to come back,” Sreenivasan was quoted as saying.

“But when he did not respond we went to report the incident and police came with us to the site.”

According to Sreenivasan, both he and Pillai worked as nurses.

However, the victim, hailing from Kerala state in India, was listed as a carpenter in the country’s Labour Market Regulatory Authority’s records.

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