Indian in US given jail for selling drugs

New York, May 1 (IANS) An Indian in the American state of Indianapolis has been sentenced to three years in jail for selling drugs and is facing deportation to India after serving his sentence.

Phulbir Singh used four aliases. He was given the prison term by Delaware Circuit Court Judge 5 Thomas Cannon jr, who also said that nobody knew who the accused was given that he used different names and had no clear identity since arriving in the US, the Muncie Free Press reproted.

Singh was blamed for selling drugs that killed people and for not having a legal status in the country.

However, representatives of a gurdwara in Indianapolis said that Singh, 28, was a hardworking man with a helpful attitude.

His lawyer, Kelly Bryan, said his client had strong work ethic and had most of the charges dismissed in a plea deal in which Singh admitted to being involved in corrupt business practices.

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