Hundreds protests in Tahrir against President Morsi

Cairo, May 17 (IANS) Hundreds of protesters flocked Friday to central Tahrir Square here to join demonstrations condemning the rule of President Mohamed Morsi and ruling Muslim Brotherhood group, reported Xinhua.

The demonstrations dubbed as “back to square” were called by some political movements, including April 6 movement and Revolutionary Youth Coalition as well as some liberal parties like Dostour Party.

“Down Muslim Brotherhood,” chanted the protesters.

“We won’t leave the state for the Muslim Brotherhood,” the protesters shouted.

The recent “Tamarrud” (Arabic for “rebel”) campaign that aims to put pressure on Morsi to call for an early presidential election also joined the demonstrations to collect anti-Morsi signatures from the protesters.

In anticipation of any clashes, intensive security measures have been taken in the vicinity of the Al Etahdeya Presidential palace in Masr al-Gedeeda district and near the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Moqattam district.

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