Experiment with nail art, piercing

New Delhi, May 23 (IANS) Experts say summer is a good time for nail care, so how about adding some jazz to them with stylish tattoos, nail art or nail piercing this season?

Nails become weak during summer, and they require special attention during this time, according to experts. So apply olive oil on a daily basis to protect nails from damage or go for nail manicure and nail spa often.

Smriti, owner of Delhi-based The Nail Lounge, shares a few interesting tips to make your nails look stylish and attractive.

Nail Art: One can go for different types of nail art like needle nail art, stamping art, acrylic nail art, marble nail art and permanent nail art. It is pocket-friendly too as it starts from Rs.200 and goes up to Rs.1,500.

Nail Extensions: If you have short nails, then you can opt for advanced nail extensions too. It includes artificial nail extensions in acrylic, UV gel or colour gel. It will cost you anything between Rs.400 and Rs.2,800.

Nail Piercing: If you want to give your nails a bold look, go for this. It won’t cost you more than Rs.200. Artistes do nail piercing very carefully using precision drills. Also, there’s no need to take any kind of precaution as in the case of body piercing.

Nail Care: The expert says one can opt for different kind of nail care options available like nail filing and French manicure. Nail filing includes basic cleaning and giving desired shape to the nails and nail paint application. A French manicure will give you white nail tips. You can avail these services in an affordable price range of Rs.100 to Rs.300.

Nail Tattoos: If you want a glamorous look, go for nail accessories like 3D nail look stickers, glitters, feathers and Rhinestone, as well as those made in UV gel and colour gel.

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