Elections a resounding victory for democracy: Pakistani daily

Islamabad, May 12 (IANS) The elections have been a “resounding victory for democracy”, said a Pakistani daily which noted that for the very first time power will be transferred in the manner laid down by the constitution.

Pakistan voted Saturday for the National Assembly and the provincial assemblies.

“This has been a resounding victory for democracy in the country, defeating the voices that have for decades argued it is not a suitable system of governance for our country,” said an editorial in the News International Sunday.

“We have succeeded – for the very first time – in transferring power in the manner laid down by the constitution. Despite rumours to the contrary, the polls were held on time and for the most part conducted in a peaceful fashion.”

It pointed out that beyond the troubled streets of Karachi, things generally went well.

“What was perhaps most marked – and encouraging – was the enthusiasm of voters, notably in the larger urban centres, where passionate voters were seen heading for stations starting early morning. The big voter turnout is immensely important, showing how much the average citizen has wanted to take part in this exercise.

“In many ways, this is more important than the achievements or failures of any individual party. The spirit seen exhibits a much-needed interest in the political process, and an end to the indifference and lethargy we had become accustomed to.”

The daily stressed the country’s electoral scene has undergone a dramatic change.

“After a very long time, we saw people from all walks of life, many taking their children with them, at polling stations eager to participate in a poll branded as one that would change Pakistan’s fortunes.”

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