Eight killed in twin blasts in Russia’s North Caucasus

Moscow, May 20 (IANS) At least eight people were killed Monday in twin car bombings in Russia’s North Caucasus region, officials said.

The blasts took place near the court bailiffs service headquarters in Makhachkala, capital city of Dagestan republic, Xinhua quoted a government spokesperson as saying.

“Two cars were blown up, one after another. At least eight people were killed. Reports about injured victims are being verified. More than a dozen cars were damaged,” he said.

Police said the first car bombing caused no casualties. A few minutes later when police arrived at the site, the second bomb went off.

Over 20 cars at a parking lot of the court marshals’ office were damaged, Interfax news agency quoted a police spokesperson as saying.

Preliminary investigation indicated both blasts were triggered by remote control.

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