Delhi Metro set to be even cleaner

delhi metroNew Delhi:  The Delhi Metro has a record for being neck and shoulders above the rest of the city, when it comes to cleanliness on its premises. Commuters can expect even better, as new machines and special training for staff are planned.

An official said Sunday that hi-tech machines and formal training would be provided for the housekeeping staff of Delhi Metro, to ensure that tidiness on the premises matches international standards.

A statement from Delhi Metro said that it would introduce new equipment for cleaning its premises, and supervisors and cleaning teams deputed at stations and maintenance depots receive training by the British Institute of Cleaning Sciences at Gurgaon (National Capital Region).

“In order to maintain world class cleanliness standards at Metro stations and surroundings, we have decided to re-work its cleaning and housekeeping practices by using advanced and hi-tech machines and we are conducting specialised training programme for our staff,” the statement said.

Electrically-operated scrubber drier, backpack vacuum cleaners, disposal of waste in bio-degradable garbage disposal bags in a hygienic manner, and the use of eco-friendly cleaning chemicals and reagents are all part of the new cleaning regimen.

Currently, Metro deploys around 3,500 housekeeping personnel at its 137 stations, working three shifts of eight hours each.

“On an average, 20-25 persons are deployed per station to keep the stations clean. The overall cleaning and housekeeping activities cost around Rs.5 crore per month,” the statement said.

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