Delhi government to ensure no power cuts during summer

New Delhi, May 11 (IANS) The Delhi government Saturday said that there would be no power cuts during the summers as the distribution companies (Discoms) have acquired enough electricity for the season.

“Keeping in view the last year’s summer peak load of about 5,600 MW (mega watt), the discoms have arranged around 6,100 MW power to meet the power demand of Delhi during 2013,” said a statement.

“The electricity has been arranged from cheaper sources in the interests of the consumers,” it added.

The government further stated that the peak load of Delhi for last few days is hovering around 4,500 MW and hence, there is no shortage of power supply.

However, it added that that due to the high temperatures during summers, conductors, wires etc. are prone to failing. But the fault can be rectified in a few minutes.

“The discoms have been directed to ensure that such faults are monitored minutely and uninterrupted power is supplied to the people,” said the statement.

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