Cheryl Cole gets ‘understanding girlfriend’ tag

London, May 6 (IANS) Singer Cheryl Cole will reportedly not push boyfriend Tre Holloway to move his base here for her.

The couple has been dating for over nine months, but have their careers established in different countries. While Cheryl works from here, Tre is established in Los Angeles, reports

“Cheryl’s family have suggested she persuade Tre to move to the UK full time, but he’s made it clear his career is in the US. He’s also close to his family, especially his mum Shirley, and wants to be near them,” Closer magazine quoted a source as saying.

“Cheryl understands her family are making these suggestions out of love – but she’s determined she won’t risk losing Tre for anyone. She’s told Joan (her mother) that she knows she’s worried, but she won’t sacrifice her relationship with Tre,” the source added.

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