Aviation, IT, ITES top suggestions in Goa industrial policy

Panaji, May 23 (IANS) Industries like aviation, aero space, IT and ITES, pharma and integrated educational hubs have been shortlisted by a state-government appointed taskforce, which is cobbling together suggestions for the Goa’s Industrial Investment Policy.

Speaking to reporters here, Atul Kane, head of the taskforce, said these industries were suitable to Goa, even as mining did not feature in the first batch of suggestions made by the taskforce.

“We have chosen sectors like tourism-related light engineering and tourism-oriented industries too which will supplement in ongoing business activity in the state, but at the same time we are looking to initiate other non-polluting industries too,” Kane said.

He further said that the target set by the taskforce committee was Rs.25,000 crore investment, channelised into the state for the setting up of these above mentioned industries.

The taskforce has overshot the deadline of May 15 by which it was supposed to submit its report to the state industries department and then on to the chief minister’s office for finalization of policy.

Industrial activity in the state is facing a lull with the ban in mining as well as civil society protests against large pollution and resource intensive industries like smelting, real estate development, etc. In this light, the Industrial Policy is aimed at creating an industrial roadmap for the future and attracting investment to the state.

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