Time to make India Congress-free: Modi

Kolkata, April 9 (IANS) Observing that there was “unprecedented hatred and disgust” among the people for the central government, BJP leader Narendra Modi Tuesday said it was time to uproot the Congress which leads the coalition government at the centre.

“This is the first government in the country against which there is so much hatred and disgust among the people. In its bid to stay at the helm, the Congress has been relentlessly doing harm to the country,” said Modi, also the Gujarat chief minister, at a party event here.

Accusing the Congress government of lacking any sense of “shame and responsibility”, Modi said for the welfare of the country, it was imperative that the Congress was uprooted.

“Should the Congress exist? Should this party be ever allowed to rule the country? For the sake of the country, it is essential that India becomes Congress-free,” said Modi.

He also said the country was never before “embarrassed and insulted internationally”, as it had been under the current Congress government.

Attacking the UPA for its policies, Modi said the country has been suffering “irreparable loss” on the economic front.

Widely perceived as Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) prime ministerial candidate for the next Lok Sabha polls, Modi also took a jibe at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

“No Congress worker will ever name Singh as the party’s national leader. When the Congress itself does not accept Singh as its leader, should he then be allowed to rule the country,” asked Modi.

Mocking the newly-appointed Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi — widely touted as the party’s leading face for the next general polls, Modi said: “By only changing the battery, the vehicle won’t run.”

“There is a talk of creating two power centres in the Congress, but I want to know where is the power,” added Modi.

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