The Chocolate Beetle: Heaven on earth for chocolate lovers

New Delhi: Heavenly is the word to describe the experience at The Chocolate Beetle, a chocolate store in the capital named after the vintage Beetle car. Those with a sweet tooth will certainly go crazy after seeing the display of chocolates here.

Everything inside the store is in sync with the name – the moment you enter the store, a long pink cash counter in shape of a Beetle car awaits you to your left. Move a little further inside and the windows of the same car serve as a display window, which has chocolates, pastries, cakes and every possible thing that can be made out of chocolate.The Chocolate Beetle

It is not just the walls and cars that are in delicious colour combo of brown and pink, uncommon yet interesting, even the menu cards are pink and cut out in the shape of a car.

A place for all age groups, it offers lip-smacking delights — Italian gelatos, hot chocolate fudge, chocolate mousse as well as their specialty Belgian chocolate truffle cake. Priced averagely, a bill for two would come to around Rs.150.

Gurjeev Gulati, an alumnus of IHM Pusa, came up with the idea of the store while working with Barista Coffee Company Ltd realising one can tap this untapped market.

“I realised there is an untapped opportunity in chocolate food and beverage cafe market. There seems to be a void with respect to chocolate players. So we decided to launch The Chocolate Beetle, a specialist chocolate cafe for chocoholics,” Gulati told.

He pointed out a special feature of the shop – gulkand chocolate — small chocolate bites filled with gulkand, generally found in sweet paans. Another variety is ‘saunf’ (fennel seeds) chocolates where chocolates are with filled with ‘saunf’.

These two varieties are a hit during wedding seasons.

“Indianised flavours are doing very well as compared to other usual flavours like raisins, almonds or nuts,” Gulati said.

Are you health conscious? Fret not! The Chocolate Beetle offers low fat gelato shakes. It is made with diet chocolate, Ferrero Rocher, chocolate whisky brewed well with skimmed milk.

With in-house staff of seven people, the place might not be ideal for large gathering as it can accommodates just about 10 people. But if you love gorging on chocolates, pastries, truffles, hot chocolate, then who cares if you get to sit there or not!


Location: GK 1, M-Block market

Cost: Rs. 150 for two

Rating: 8/10

The Chocolate Beetle


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