Street children to get into Limca Book of Records

New Delhi: Twenty-six street children have become eligible for the Limca Book of Records for putting 9,000 hand prints in various colours in twelve-and-a-half minutes, an official said here Friday.

On International Day for Street Children, the hand print event was organised by NGO ‘Chetana’ at Bal Bhawan in central Delhi.

“It was an impression of identity for these children, who are unrecognised,” said the NGO’s director Sanjay Gupta.

“Nobody knows us. I wanted to go to school and study. But our voices do not reach the people. With this we have marked our presence in society,” said 13-year-old Manju, who lives in a slum in south Delhi.

“I want my own identity in this society,” 10-year-old Imran told IANS. He put around 200 hand prints on a white banner.

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