Seven die as militants storm Peshawar power station

Islamabad, April 2 (IANS) Seven people were killed when heavily-armed militants attacked a power grid station in Peshawar Tuesday, a media report said.

The bodies of five people who went missing after the Budha Beer Shaikh Muhamamdi power station was attacked by rockets in Peshawar were found from nearby fields, Geo News reported.

The militants attacked the power station around 2.30 a.m. They killed two officials and abducted 10, said a senior police official.

“They threw five dead bodies of the kidnapped officials in the fields close to the power house…. Five others are still missing,” the official was quoted as saying.

The terrorists killed four staff members and three policemen, said a spokesman for the Peshawar Electricity Supply Company (PESCO).

“One PESCO employee and one policeman were killed on the spot. The militants then kidnapped seven PESCO employees and three policemen. Later, we found the bodies of three PESCO officials and two policemen,” Shaukat Afzal was quoted as saying.

Four power house employees and one policeman are still missing, he added.

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