‘Primary education for all classes will create equality’

Kolkata, April 14 (IANS) Providing a level playing field by making primary education available to all classes will create a just society, a leading sociologist said here.

“Level the playing field at the initial stage… make primary education available to all. This will ensure a just society and propagate equality among classes,” sociologist Rudolf C. Heredia told IANS during the launch of his book ‘Taking Sides: Reservation Quotas and Minority Rights in India’ at the Oxford Bookstore here Saturday.

According to the author, unified primary education will also check the problem of the “creamy layer” taking advantage of the other classes.

“There has been a trend of people not sharing benefits of progress down the line,” said Heredia, a research fellow at the Indian Social Institute, New Delhi.

Heredia also added that quotas were necessary to deal with the stark inequality.

“We have to reach out. We cannot have equality between unequals. I am saying that they are of remedial nature. Once we have quality we wont need them (quotas),” Heredia said.

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