Pakistani minister says Taliban sabotaging elections

Islamabad, April 29 (IANS) Pakistan Information Minister Arif Nizami Monday accused the Taliban and other armed groups of sabotaging the upcoming parliamentary elections under a ” very organised campaign”.

“This is an existential threat and it’s not new. There is a very organised campaign to sabotage the election,” Nizami told the Islamabad-based foreign media.

Elections will be held May 11, and the Taliban have publicly announced to target three major liberal parties, reports Xinhua.

The minister admitted that there was a clear danger from the armed militants who were bent upon eliminating candidates, political activists and terrifying voters to keep them away from the polling stations.

Taliban have carried out series of attacks in recent days, killing dozens of political workers, including a candidate.

Nizami said the caretaker government was working closely with security and intelligence agencies to ensure security for candidates and to frustrate the plans of militants.

According to the minister, the threats and attacks could affect the turnout on the election day.

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