Pakistani Hindus submit memorandum to UN

New Delhi, April 17 (IANS) A delegation of Pakistani Hindus and the VHP Wednesday submitted a memorandum to the UN explaining the violation of their rights in Pakistan, and requesting rehabilitation in India.

“We have requested the UN to provide relief to the Pakistani Hindus as they are being attacked and tortured there. We have submitted a memorandum,” Rajiv Gupta, one of the VHP representatives, told IANS.

Holding placards and tricolours in their hands, several Pakistani Hindus gathered outside the UN Information Centre at Lodhi Road and raised slogans, demanding that they be allowed to stay in India.

“Our women are being raped there, our children are being converted to Islam forcefully. Pakistan is like hell. I will commit suicide here but never return,” said Veer Das, 38, a farmer from Hyderabad, in Sindh province of Pakistan.

The protesters revealed that they have no access to government jobs, proper healthcare and food. As many of them are farmers, they are being exploited by rich landlords, they said.

“We are made to work for 15-16 hours a day and are still at the mercy of the landlords,” said Hari Chand, 32, also from Sindh.

The government has extended visas for 480 Hindus staying in a relief camp in Bijwasan area here for a month.

The protesters, however, were in no mood to budge despite the extended visas.

“We will not leave our motherland … we cannot live with any dignity in Pakistan … at least we will die with some (dignity) here. We all will commit suicide,” said Bani Devi, 48, from Hyderabad, Pakistan.

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