Over 40 injured in powerful blast in Prague building

Prague, April 29 (IANS) More than 40 people were injured in a powerful blast at a building in central Prague Monday, reported Xinhua.

Prague emergency services spokeswoman Jirina Ernesova said that more injuries in the explosion in the building at Smetana quay cannot be ruled out.

“We do not know if it was a gas explosion, or if the cause was something else. After discussing with the firefighters, we shut down gas in the neighbouring houses as a precaution,” said Prague Gas spokesman Miroslav Vranek.

The powerful blast shattered windows in the wider area of the building and many people were injured by the flying glass shards.

According to police spokesman Tomas Hulan, apart from the building in which the blast occurred, the buildings at the intersection of the National Theater and Krocinova were also damaged.

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