New committee to promote film shooting in India

New Delhi, April 15 (IANS) In a bid to promote India as a filming destination, the information and broadcasting ministry has simplified the process of getting permission to shoot in the country, officials said Monday.

The newly-constituted inter-ministerial committee will now act as a ‘single window’ for filmmakers. Earlier, as many as 30 agencies were involved in granting permission to shoot in India.

The ministry has constituted the committee on ‘promotion and facilitation of film production in India’ to enhance the possibility of the country emerging as a major ‘international filming destination’, officials said.

“This is done in order to facilitate and fast-track the process which will harness the potential of the India as a filming locale,” said the statement.

“The committee shall facilitate granting of permission for both foreign as well as domestic producers from relevant authorities of central and state governments for filming of feature films, short films and TV programmes,” it added.

The committee will meet regularly to monitor the progress of facilitation process and, from time to time, issue directions to the concerned authorities to fast-track clearances.

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