Lose weight like country singer Trisha Yearwood

Los Angeles, April 18 (IANS) The 48-year-old country singer Trisha Yearwood, who also hosts cooking show “Trisha’s Southern Kitchen”, took only four months to shed 30 pounds.

Her secret? Exercising and following her own custom diet.

“I designed my own plan that’s low-fat, low-sugar 90 percent of the time,” she told people.com.

Though she is careful about her diet, she also indulges in unhealthy foods sometimes. But this is followed by work out to ensure she burns off extra calories.

Thanks to her low-fat diet and Zumba, she is now size 10.

“I don’t think you can name one diet I haven’t done. I’m that girl who buys every magazine where somebody’s lost 30 lbs,” she said.

“There’s no way you never fall off the wagon,” says the best-selling cookbook “Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen: Recipes from My Family to Yours” author, who takes Zumba classes at least three times a week. “I fell in love with it!”

After shedding weight, she said: “I have a strength I never had before. I feel like I can do anything.”

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