Kin of missing Indian sailors rest hopes on Iran

Dubai, April 30 (IANS) The families of three Indian seaman who have been missing since their cargo ship sank off the coast of Ajman in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in December last year now hope that they may have been rescued by the Iranians.

Anil Negi, 22, Rakesh Lingayat, 29 and Arvind Singh, 24, have been missing since the cargo ship Dheema, heading for Iran, sank in rough seas off the emirate of Ajman Dec 27 last year, The National newspaper reported Tuesday.

Two others – the captain and a crewman – were rescued by Dubai ports police while the body of another sailor was found later.

According to the report, the Indian consulate in Dubai has referred the matter to the Indian mission in Iran.

“The consulate has taken up the matter with our consulate in Bandar Abbas (in Iran), requesting them to trace the whereabouts of the missing sailors under their jurisdiction,” the report quoted the Indian consulate in Dubai as telling the three families and boat owner in a letter this month.

Anil Negi’s father Mangal Singh Negi is hoping that the three sailors are with the Iranian authorities.

“The incident happened close to Bandar Abbas. I am trying my best to find out any information from anybody about their whereabouts. I am glad our government is trying to help find our children,” he was quoted as saying.

The Malaysian-flagged ship was on its way from Ajman to Iran to load a cargo of crude oil.

Meanwhile, the Indian mission in Bandar Abbas has reprtedly alerted the Iranian authorities about the matter.

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