Jessica Simpson hopes son will be ‘mamma’s boy’

Los Angeles, April 22 (IANS) Actress Jessica Simpson, who is expecting her second child, a boy, hopes he will be a “mamma’s boy”.

The actress hopes to develop a special bond with her yet-to-be-born son, as her daughter Maxwell, 11 months, is closer to her father Eric Johnson, reports

“Maxwell is definitely a daddy’s girl. If he’s in the room she doesn’t want anyone else to hold her. So I hope my son will be a mamma’s boy,” she said.

Simpson, 32, had put on weight when she was pregnant with her first child, so she is more cautious this time.

“With my first pregnancy, I really let go. I felt like I deserved to eat whatever I wanted. Now I’m working out three times a week. I’ve only gained half of what I did during my first pregnancy,” she said.

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