Israel not to tolerate rocket fire: Netanyahu

Jerusalem, April 29 (IANS) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that his country would not allow the intermittent firing of rockets into its territory and warned the continued attacks would be dealt aggressively.

“I want to make clear that we will not tolerate a ‘drizzle’ policy,” reported Xinhua citing Netanyahu at the weekly cabinet session.

The remarks came hours after Israeli aircraft attacked targets in the Gaza Strip in response to a rocket that was fired at western Negev Saturday night.

“A ‘drizzle’ of rockets or missiles will be met by a very aggressive reaction,” Netanyahu said, adding that “all necessary action” would be taken to defend Israeli civilians.

The policy of intolerance toward the “trickle” of rockets applies to the “North, South or any other front,” Netanyahu said, referring to artillery and mortar shells that occasionally land in the Golan Heights which was seized by Israel from Syria in the 1967 Six-Day War.

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