Indian wins Dubai traffic police award, gets car

Dubai, April 30 (IANS) An Indian national became the proud owner of a 100,000-dirham car after being selected as an ideal driver by the Dubai traffic police.

Jayaseelan’s name was shortlisted from 700 drivers who had gathered the maximum number of white points in one year, during which the drivers did not commit any traffic offence or were not involved in any accident, the Emirates 24/7 website reported Tuesday.

Jayaseelan has been presented with a Chevrolet car.

This Dubai traffic police’s unique white points system is the first in the region and was launched two years ago to encourage people to respect traffic rules.

“We honour 700 drivers who collect the maximum limit of white points every year but we intend to increase that number to 1,000,” Dubai traffic police chief Maj. Gen Mohammed al Zafin was quoted as saying in the report.

A private sector employee, Jayaseelan said he was “very happy” with the award.

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