Incredible India site crosses two million hits mark

New Delhi, April 18 (IANS) The newly revamped Incredible India website has crossed the two million hits mark – receiving about six thousand hits daily, tourism ministry officials said Thursday.

According to the ministry, a slew of user friendly features on – – like booking of hotel and air tickets as well as interactive videos have resulted in the spurt.

“Through the website it is possible for a user sitting in any part of the world to book a domestic airline ticket and also hotel rooms,” a ministry statement said.

“A number of other services, in collaboration with Google and its affiliate YouTube, include recordings of 14 sound and light shows at different locations in India,” it added.

The new policy has been undertaken following Tourism Minister K. Chiranjeevi’s instructions to concentrate on marketing efforts through the internet, the statement said.

A study commissioned by the ministry two months ago, revealed that in the US, 15 percent of the respondents came across Incredible India message through the internet, 15 percent through television, 26 percent through the print media and the remaining through at least two of the three mediums.

In Australia, the figures were 14 percent for the internet, 19 percent for television and 22 percent for the print media and the remaining through two or more media.

The Incredible India worldwide promotional campaign, which showcases major holiday destinations of the country, has won many prestigious international awards.

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