Illegal dumping of debris could mean cut in electricity and water connection

Shimla: Municipal Corporation here has issued notice to cut electricity and water connections of anybody found duping construction debris illegally.

According to the notice issued with immediate effect, duping debris without permission for the fourth time (fine for first three times) could result in cut of electricity and water connections and also result in a disapproval of the approved building map.

Illegal dumping of debris could mean no electricity and water connection

The MC notice confirms that persons found duping debris illegally will be fined 10 times for the first time. Accordingly, the persons duping debris without permission the second and the third time will be fined 20 and 30 times respectively.

However, the fourth time around, electricity and water connections to the building would be disconnected, and even the permitted map could be disapproved.

A case will be filled against anyone who does not pay the specified fine.

To make sure no one dumps debris illegally, MC Shimla has recognized 14 dumping sites in various areas of the city, where charges would be levied according to the size of the vehicle.

The prices for dumping in legal areas will be as follows:

Rs 10 per cement bag full of debris

Rs 300 per Pick-up truck

Rs 700 per small tipper

Rs 1200 per tipper

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