Gorkha’s burn effigy of former minister over monkey, dog eat remark

Dharamshala: A BJP legislator suggesting that deploying Gorkha or Naga regiment in monkey and stray dog infested area would help to contain their population as they do eat them has angered Gorkha residents, who have demanded an immediate apology from the lawmaker.

Agitated members of Bharatiya Gorkha Praisangh here, today, burnt an effigy of Ravinder Singh Ravi for having stated during a debate in the Vidhan Sabha posting Gorkha and Naga regiments in the state would help to contain the menace exploding monkey population and stray dogs.Gorkha's burn effigy of former minister over monkey, dog eat remark

Media reports quoted Ravi have suggested during a debate on April 5 that “If Gorkha or Naga regiments are posted in Himachal from time to time, it will definitely have an impact on the population of monkeys.”

He is also reported to have claimed monkey was a delicacy for Gorkhas and Nagas. Ravi also said, “Black dogs are a favourite food of Gorkhas and this would help maintain ecological balance.”

Pained and shocked at this racist jibe against the Gorkhas, the Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh has demanded action from both the Speakers of the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly Brij Behair Lal Butail,  BJP President Rajnath Singh and Himachal Pradesh BJP President Satpal Singh Satti against the erring MLA.

Saying Ravi had misused the floor of a Constitutional House, the Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh has requested the Speaker to expunge these remarks from the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly and to take appropriate action against Ravi.

The Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh told Rajnath Singh that it was especially shocking to have a BJP MLA uttering such demeaning, and utterly erroneous, references to the community because only in the month of March, the Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh had met Rajnath Singh in New Delhi, Narendra Modi in Ahmedabad and Manohar Parikkar in Panaji to apprise them of the status of Gorkhas in India and had been assured of the BJP’s attention both to their issues and their demand for Gorkhaland.

The Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh has asked both the Speakers and Rajnath Singh to take action against Ravinder Ravi and have him immediately tender an apology to not only the Gorkhas, but also the Naga community.

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  1. says: Deevesh Thapa

    We Gorkhas are Hindus by religion and worship all Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Adding to this we respect all religions and faiths in totality, as our religion teaches us to respect all.

    We worship “Hanuman” and hence we relate Monkeys to him, there is no question of eating them when we worship the form of this animal.

    Secondly, not in all Hindus, but WE offer puja to “dogs” on the second day of Diwali, as they represent “faith” and we thank them for guarding our house/property.

    The note by Ravi, shows his incompetence in handling the menace situation and not providing a rightful / positive solution to the issue. Delivering such indecent remarks in the house only proves his lack of knowledge.

    Our soldiers are trained and deployed to serve the nation and protect the borders.. NOT TO EAT MONKEYS AND DOGS… MR RAVI !!!!

  2. Fallout of the statement attributed to former minister Ravinder Singh Ravi that has caused a furor among the Gorkha community found resonance in the Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha here today.

    Making a suo motto on the floor of the house, Ravi requested Speaker BBL Butail to expunge the controversial remarks from the records of the house proceedings.

    Following the request by the BJP legislator, speaker Butail had the remarks expunged from the house records

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