Gehlot discusses agricultural cooperation with Israel

Jaipur, April 29 (IANS) Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot Monday met agriculture and rural development minister of Israel Yair Shamir in Beitgan city in Israel and discussed cooperation to promote agriculture.

During the meeting, Gehlot said that climatic conditions of Rajasthan and Israel were similar and there were abundant possibilities for research and development in agriculture.

“Keeping in view the similarity in geographical conditions, desert area and agro-climatic conditions, Rajasthan and Israel can cooperate with each other in this sector,” Gehlot said.

The chief minister said a team of scientists from Rajasthan would visit Israel to study the similar climatic and geographical conditions and to find out how to increase production by adopting the agriculture and irrigation systems used in Israel.

Gehlot said that a centre of excellence was working in Rajasthan under Indo-Israel cooperation where pomegranates, oranges and dates are being produced.

The Israeli Research and Development Centre gave a presentation on agriculture and horticulture, which focused on how to get more production in less water.

He will return to Jaipur May 2.

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