Forest department all set to curb forest fire incidents in summer

Shimla: In order to curb incidents of forest fire in summers in Himachal Pradesh, Forest Department here has made all requisite preparations this year.

Forests of Himachal Pradesh known for their grandeur and majesty are like a green pearl in the Himalayan crown, but incidents of fire, mostly in summers, is a common phenomenon here. Last year alone, approximately 1798 cases of forest fire were reported. In 2012, forest fire caused loss of Rs 2,76,82,589 to the state exchequer. Billowing-smoke-from-a-forest-fire

This year however, to control such unfortunate incidences of fire, Forest Department has made all necessary preparations already. Forest Department officials are asking private land owners, with land close to forest area, not to set their fields on fire (a common practice by farmers to get rid of unwanted shrubs etc. in the field) and also a primary reason of forest fire in the state.

Further, forest department informs that Forest Task Force has been prepared at the Division (circle) level around the state. The department also informed that the field staff of forest protection and fire control department will not be allowed vacations in this summer, except in necessary circumstances.

Additional Principal Chief Conservator of forest (APCCF) said, “Direction has been given to officials of the department to curve from this trouble. Preventive steps are also taken by the department to overcome forest fire incidents in this summer season.”

It is worth noting, at present 66% of geographical area in Himachal Pradesh is covered in forests. Thus, it is important to control fateful forest fire because it not only harms the environment but also affects the wild life and flora in the jungle.

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