Disha learns Telugu through songs

Chennai: She is not taking any classes to learn Telugu, yet southern actress Disha Pandey has improved her knowledge of the language and gives credit to Telugu songs.

“I find listening to songs and learning the language more fun than taking classes. I don’t say I have mastered the language yet, but I’m making progress and I’m happy about it. I think this way it’s easier to learn because you can break the lyrics into words and learn the meaning,” said Disha.

“I take help of people on the sets to understand the meaning of words in a song. I have also started to converse in Telugu on the sets,” she added.

Disha, who ventured into southern cinema with Tamil comedy “Tamizh Padam”, went on to act in Tamil and Telugu films such as “Keeripulla” and “Race”, respectively.

“I don’t know if I’m ready to dub yet. Even though I’m interested, but it’s for my directors to decide and, therefore, I will concentrate on learning the language for now,” said the actress, who recently started working on a yet-untitled Telugu film.

“It’s a love story with revenge as the backdrop. It’s an exciting role with lot of scope for performance and I couldn’t refuse it,” she added.

She will be seen with Prince and Richa Panai in the film, which is being directed by debutant Suresh.

Meanwhile, Disha is likely to sign another Telugu film soon.

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