Delhi Police official arrested for robbery

New Delhi, April 2 (IANS) A Delhi Police official was arrested for allegedly robbing an Agra-based jeweller in the capital, police said Tuesday.

“Rishipal Singh, 35, an assistant sub-inspector posted at Subzi Mandi police station, was arrested Monday for robbing Gauri Shankar, who had come in Delhi for a business deal,” said a police officer.

Rishipal Singh’s three friends have also been arrested and the stolen jewellery has been recovered. The stolen goods include five kg of silver, two gold biscuits, and Rs.2 lakh in cash.

The incident was reported March 21 evening at Sunlight Colony in south Delhi.

According to police, Gauri Shankar’s car was chased and intercepted by another car near Millennium Depot on the Ring Road.

Rishipal Singh, who was in uniform, stepped out of his car and asked Gauri Shankar to show him the ornaments which he was carrying. Rishipal Singh then sat in Gauri Shankar’s car and headed towards central Delhi.

As they reached Iter-state Bus Terminus (ISBT) at Kashmiri Gate, Rishipal Singh asked Gauri Shankar’s driver to stop the car. He took away the jewellery and fled in the car which was following them.

“Singh was involved in other cases also,” a police officer said.

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