Corpse goes unnoticed for weeks in Moscow street

Moscow, April 7 (IANS/RIA Novosti) Spelling an unpleasant end to the winter, a woman was found stabbed to death in Moscow, with the corpse apparently having spent weeks in the street, covered by snow.

The body was wrapped in a bed sheet, but otherwise naked, the Investigative Committee said.

The woman appeared to be aged somewhere between 25 and 30, the Vechernyaya Moskva city newspaper reported.

But a better estimate was impossible because the body spent anywhere between two weeks and three months in the huge snow mound that hid it, the report said.

A case was opened on murder charges.

This winter, Moscow received 3.2 metres of snow, or twice the average amount, according to the City Hall. Snowfall may continue well into May, forecasters say.

An army of 35,000 street cleaners and 13,000 snow removal vehicles were deployed daily to the streets of Moscow during the worst snowfalls this winter, city news website said. It remained unclear how all of them missed the snow mound on Novoshchukinskaya Street where the body was found.

–IANS/RIA Novosti


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