Consult people before making new laws: NAC

New Delhi, April 26 (IANS) All central ministries will have to declare the intent of legislation they propose, hold consultations with the affected people and obtain feedback before taking it to parliament, the Sonia Gandhi headed National Advisory Council said Friday.

According to NAC sources, the advisory body approved the draft recommendations of the Working Group on Transparency, Accountability and Governance on Pre-Legislative Process.

After seeking public opinion on the recommendations, the suggestions would be sent to the government, NAC sources said.

The scope of the pre-legislative process will extend to new laws and amendments to existing laws and to new rules and amendments to rules, said the sources.

The process should also to adhere to the principles such of transparency, inclusiveness and equity, they said.

According to the advisory body, the mode of implementating the pre-legislative process envisages an executive order be issued requiring all central ministries to follow the recommendations before any legislation is introduced in parliament.

The guidelines should provide for desirable modes of disclosure and consultations, while details of such processes may be left to be worked out by the ministries concerned, it said.

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