China’s trade growth to pick up slightly this year

Beijing, April 29 (IANS) China’s foreign trade will maintain steady growth this year, and the rate of growth will be slightly higher than last year, said the commerce ministry.

The ministry said in a report on the country’s trade situation that trade environments at home and abroad have improved compared with last year, reported Xinhua.

“Positive signs are on the rise in the global economy,” the report said Sunday, citing improving real estate and job markets in the US and the EU’s emphasis on both fiscal consolidation and economic growth, as well as strong growth vitality in emerging economies.

China’s economy has seen steady growth, the report said. In the first quarter, its GDP expanded 7.7 percent year on year, slightly higher than the growth target of 7.5 percent for the year.

“If the external environment does not exhibit dramatic changes, exports and imports in 2013 will continue to show steady growth momentum,” the report said.

However, a substantial rebound in foreign trade is not likely this year, as the economic

situation is very complicated and risks are still relatively high, the report said.

The ministry said it will maintain consistent trade policies, continue to implement policies to promote trade growth and push for the balanced development of foreign trade.

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