Cara Delevingne’s crush on Harif Guzman

New York, April 1 (IANS) Model Cara Delevingne has reportedly fallen head over heels for artist Harif Guzman after seeing his work and meeting him.

Guzman, a New York-based painter, impressed Delevingne, 20, with his art and later enlightened her about his work, reports

“Cara’s in New York working and fell in love with Harif’s art as his stuff is huge over there. After seeing his work, she was introduced to him at the Electric Room club by its owner Nur Khan and they really hit it off,” a source said.

“They sat huddled up for ages chatting about the meaning of his art before they headed back to his place in Manhattan, where he lives and works. It was his art that sealed the deal,” the source added.

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