Bilingual films on Sundeep’s wish list (With Image)

Chennai, April 24 (IANS) Sundeep Kishan is one of the few actors who can fluently speak in Tamil and Telugu, and he is making efforts to make the best use of his linguistic skills by doing more and more bilingual films.

“There are very few marketable heroes in Tamil and Telugu who can fluently speak both the languages. Since I can speak in Tamil and Telugu, I’m keen on doing bilingual films because it will help me cater to larger audience,” Sundeep told IANS.

“I don’t usually go in search for a bilingual film, but luckily, producers come to me with such offers. Since ‘Gundello Godari’, I’ve been frequently getting bilingual offers. Of course, final call to make a film in two languages rests with my producers and I always respect it,” he added.

Telugu romantic-drama “Gundello Godari”, which happens to be Sundeep’s recent release, was simultaneously made in Tamil as “Maranthen Mannithen”. His forthcoming Tamil comedy “Yaaruda Mahesh” will be released in Telugu as “Mahesh”.

However, Sundeep clarifies that his first preference will be Telugu films.

“Even though I was born and raised in Chennai, I’m an Andhrite, and therefore, my first preference will always be Telugu. I’m open to doing Tamil films as well. In fact, one of my next films is in Tamil with a big banner,” he said.

“This is why I want to do bilinguals. Since I know both the languages, I can do the same film in Telugu and Tamil as well,” he added.

As an actor, he is open to all genres, but for viewers’ sake he would like to do entertaining films.

“From audiences’ perspective, I want to do entertaining films every now and then. However, as an actor I’m open to all genres, especially films that have more scope for acting. I chose ‘Yaaruda Mahesh’ for the same reason – it’s entertaining and gave me immense scope to perform,” he said.

Directed by debutant R. Madhan Kumar, “Yaaruda Mahesh” also features Dimple Chopda, Jagan, Srinath, Uma Padmanabhan, Swaminathan, Singamuthu and Sana Oberoi. It is releasing on Friday.

“It’s one of those crazy comedy films. I play a character in search of an unknown character called Mahesh. The humour in this film is sarcastic and commercial in a way that it is sure to attract masses,” he added.

Sundeep is awaiting the release of Telugu films “D For Dopidi” and “DK Bose”.

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