Awareness on chronic heart disease must

New Delhi, April 27 (IANS) With an increasing number of Indians suffering from heart diseases, proper eating habits, heart friendly nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is the need of the hour to tackle the alarming situation with a special focus on youth, a leading doctor said Saturday.

“We need to build awareness on cardio-vascular disease. Heart wellness programmes, with timely and effective medical and interventional management, may help us in curbing the rising menace of coronary artery disease in India,” said Naresh Trehan, chairman and managing director, Medanta Medicity told reporters.

Medanta Medicity has started India Prevent, an NGO which will come up with a programme to eradicate heart attacks.

“The NGO will help cardio-vascular patients adopt a healthy lifestyle, including heart friendly nutrition, exercises, tobacco abstinence, weight management, hypertension, diabetes care and stress management will enhance corporate health,” Trehan said.

According to doctors, India holds more than 60 percent of cardio vascular disease burn of the world. Deaths from cardio vascular disease in India is estimated to be 15 lakh per year.

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