At Paatra, feast while you fast (With Image) (Food Review)

New Delhi, April 14 (IANS) From mouth-watering Tapioca pudding (Sabudaane ki kheer) and hot and peppery cottage cheese prepared with varied spices to fried buckwheat dumplings — one can choose from all these delectable delicacies at Paatra restaurant.

Paatra, a multi-cuisine restaurant at Jaypee Siddharth hotel, in central Delhi, has organised special Navratra menu, which is on till April 19.

Executive chef Ashish Joshi, who has been with the hotel since its beginning, told IANS: “We want people to feast while they fast.”

“People assume that there aren’t enough delicacies to relish during the Navratras. And that’s why we have a buffet system so that one can choose from plenty of dishes. We change the menu every alternate day,” he added.

Keeping the sentiments of the people in mind, extra precaution was taken while preparing the menu.

“Every thing is cooked separately. We use fresh ingredients including fruits, vegetables and spices. We use rock salt (sendha namak),” said Joshi adding that most of the food items are fried and cooked in pure desi ghee.

“The food is cooked using pure desi ghee. One cannot cook buckwheat dumplings, buckwheat chapati (kuttu flour) etc in olive oil. But yes, keeping in mind the health of the visitors, we have tried to make food as light as possible. Also during Navratra people prefer having one meal a day. So it’s perfect.”

The menu, however, has scope for those who are on a special diet. They can enjoy tangy fruit salads.

When, I visited the restaurant on a pleasant afternoon, it was packed with food lovers.

Icy, sweet and salty lemonade was our welcome drink. After that we ordered Navratra thali comprising of crisp fried buckwheat pakoda, sugary sabudana pudding, peppery aalu ki sabzi, spicy shahi paneer, crispy vrata ke papad, and tangy and spicy buckwheat dahi bhalle.

Also try delicious ‘Vrata Ki kadi’, made with buckwheat and water chestnut flour and cucumber. Their sweet potato chaat is light and perfect. The tamarind sauce enhances the flavour.

Joshi said: “We have incorporated the traditional dishes as well as the experimental dishes.”

Location: Pusa Road

Cost: Rs.1,000 per Navratra thali

Rating: 8/10/dg

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