Arbaaz won’t direct sex comedy

Mumbai, April 17 (IANS) Actor-filmmaker Arbaaz Khan, who recently directed “Dabangg 2”, says he would not try making a sex comedy or even a dark comedy. Not because he feels there’s anything wrong in it, but he believes one should only do those things that reflect a bit of their own personality.

Asked if he is interested in making a film of that genre, Arbaaz said: “As a whole, maybe not, because I think one should only do things that also reflect a bit of their own personality.”

“A film that you produce, write or direct should reflect the taste that you have in films. Even when a distributor is buying a film, he is putting money on a film that he thinks is a good film to promote.”

“I can have a joke or maybe a part of that in my film. But tomorrow, I might not have the confidence because I am not the kind of person to enjoy that kind of stuff,” he added.

However, Arbaaz feels there is space for every kind of cinema.

“Some people are very good at it, so they can do that. There is nothing wrong in it. Every genre or any sort of filmmaking – whether it’s a sex comedy, or anything – it is okay. I don’t think making only clean films is good, because there is going to be a taste of all kind of cinema. It’s fair enough. There is a space for every kind of cinema,” the 45-year-old said.

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