‘Adlabs Imagica’ to add ride on another popular film soon

Khopoli, April 15 (IANS) With the “Mr India: The Ride” becoming the talk of the town at the “Adlabs Imagica” theme park, Arti Shetty, daughter of Manmohan Shetty, chairman of Adlabs Entertainment Ltd, says that they plan to include a ride based on a popular film soon, but could not reveal which one.

“We have thought of another movie as well, but I cannot reveal which one as of now,” she said at the launch held here this evening.

The park has a ride based on the film “Mr India”, in which cartoon images of Anil Kapoor and Sridevi fight popular villian Mogambo. The ride starts with a short audio-visual.

“There were very few subjects (in Bollywood) which can be taken into ride stimulation. Mr india was a perfect fit,” she said.

“Mr India” is still remembered, even though the film was released in 1987.

“We wanted to take a children oriented film. The film is known even today,” she said.

Through the park, Shetty wants to integrate entertainment and attraction.

“We want to integrate movies to attraction and attraction to movies,” she said.

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