Virbhadra presents Rs 870.16 Cr supplementary budget

Shimla: Chief minister Virbhadra Singh who is also the finance minister presented a Rs 870.16 Cr supplementary budget for 2012-13, which included Rs 355.93 Cr under plan schemes, Rs 317.8 Cr under non-plan and Rs 197.15 cr under centrally sponsored schemes.

Presenting the supplementary demands for grants, the chief minister detailed that major expenditures under plan schemes included Rs 73.25 Cr for pending pay revision arrears of HRTC employees; Rs 52.60 Cr under decentralized planning an backward area sub-plan; Rs 51.50 Cr for JNNURM to construct new parking and sewerage lines etc; Rs 33.41 Cr under scheduled cast sub-plan for grant in aid to PTA and HPU; Rs 22.30 Cr for agriculture development; and Rs 18.27 Cr for transfer of forest land to IIT Mandi.

Under the non-plan expenditure a sum of Rs 70 Cr was for power subsidy; Rs 47.17 Cr for payment of interests; Rs 26.37 Cr for payment of salary to panchayat members and employees; Rs 24.99 Cr for police services and purchase of ammunition; Rs 21.14 Cr for health services; Rs 19.60 Cr for food subsidy for purchase of pulses and oils under PDS; Rs 18.16 Cr for preparing and printing of electoral rolls, photo identity cards and clearing of liabilities for holding elections; Rs 12.50 Cr for loan to HPMC; and Rs 7.11 Cr for clearing medical reimbursement bills of retirees.

Under centrally sponsored schemes, the prominent expenditures entailed included Rs 42.91 Cr for national calamity contingency fund; Rs 29.32 Cr for post matric scholarship to scheduled caste students, Rs 14.43 Cr for strengthening land records; Rs 14.11 Cr for mid-day meal scheme; Rs 12.79 Cr for special nutrition program for adolescent girls; Rs 12.6 Cr for nutrition scheme under ICDS; Rs 7.40 Cr for macro-management of agriculture and Rs 5.40 Cr for upgradation of polytechnic institutions.

After being debated, the supplementary budget is scheduled to be voted upon for approval on Wednesday.

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