Crocodile Tears For Wildlife in Uttarakhand

Dehra Dun : This small state of Uttarakhand boasts of a rich wildlife in its national parks, sanctuaries and forests, but the manner in which animals are dying courtesy the callous neglect and least concern by concerned authorities, it is but a matter of time, when the abundant and luxuriant forests will be sans animals.

A pregnant she-elephant was reported to have been electrocuted to death in the Kosi range of the Ramnagar Forest division, which is adjoining the Corbett National Park. A high-tension line was passing low over the carcass, which has led to fears that the 20-year old pachyderm had died of electrocution.

But this was not all. On that very day the carcass of a baby elephant was found in the Bijrani range of the Corbett National Park. The reason of the death was not immediately known and the deputy director of the Park maintained that the reason of the death could only be known after a post mortem was conducted.

While the death of the two elephants may have unnerved wild life enthusiasts in the state, but the rampant killing of leopards is something that they feel needs to be taken up seriously at the higher echelons of the government. The recovery of two carcasses of leopards in the last 24 hours is the reason why they feel that there is need to ensure that the felines are not wantonly killed.

While one carcass was found in the Sattichor forests of Kotdwara, the other was found in the forest near Khanpur. Though the forest department officials are ruling out poaching or foul play in their death, but the very fact that as many as 38 leopards have been killed in this small hill state during the 55 days of this year, indicates that something is drastically wrong somewhere.

The forests of Uttarakhand are slowly but surely making way for human beings, which nis perhaps why the wildlife therein is no body’s concern. The immediate vicinity of the Corbett National Park has been taken over by resorts that have come up in contravention to all existing rules and the state administration has closed its eyes to the fact.
Now there is rampant construction of resorts along the periphery of the Rajaji Sanctuary and forest authorities have reportedly even given NOCs for their construction. Reports have highlighted the fact that roads within the Sanctuary, are being used by builders to ferry construction material to the construction sites, and the authorities seem to be in oblivion of these facts.

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