Careless Chinese parents got wrong baby basket

Shanghai: Two parents busy making phone calls mistakenly took wrong baby baskets with infants inside at a Shanghai airport, a media report said Friday.

Luckily, the drama-like plot was stopped by immigration police who helped to get the babies back to their own parents, authorities at the Pudong International Airport said.

The story began when a flight from Hong Kong reached Shanghai Thursday. The two parents, with baby baskets of the same type, were lining up next to the other for immigration check, Shanghai Daily said.

Both put the basket down in the line for phone calls.

When one parent was called to the window for check, the other walked away with a basket randomly picked up from the ground.

It was immigration officer who found the baby in one basket doesn’t resemble the infant’s ID photo.

Meanwhile, the lost baby’s father at the window was also aware of the mistake at the same time and turned to police for help.


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