Dehradun is drug haven of Uttarakhand

Dehradun : The successive governments in Uttarakhand have been giving permission to private Universities and Colleges to open left and right in the state, on the plea that they want to make it an education hub, but though time will tell whether it becomes an educational hub, but it has definitely become a drug haven.

Late yesterday night, 39 persons were arrested from a hotel on the main Rajpur Road, where a rave party was on. The 39 arrested, including 14 girls, were all students of local private engineering and management colleges.

It was not only liquor doing the rounds, but police sources confirmed that drugs, including smack was recovered from the place.

While in yet another incident on yesterday, another B Tech student was arrested by the anti-narcotics cell and three gms of smack was recovered from him. And these are not isolated incidents, but almost every day happenings as drug pushers and dealers have made this state capital home to their flourishing trade.

A practicing psychiatrist here Lt Col J S Rana said that though de-addiction is not his specialization, but he is helping a number of youth to kick the habit, adding that taking drugs here is a very common addiction amongst the younger generation in the state capital.

“While some manage to stay away from drugs after they have been treated, others sadly fall back into the habit”, said Rana.

He said that a reason is the fact that a very large number of students have come to the self-styled professional colleges and boast of a very good track record, which is seldom true. A very large number of these students are from Punjab, where drug addiction has reached alarming proportions and the habit is passed on.

A senior police official on conditions of anonymity said that all the cases of youth being caught with drugs are not taken seriously because it is felt that their career will be finished if police cases are registered against them.

Most of them are let off with a warning, but it does not really help as they just keep changing venues to escape being caught. He added that it also known that most of these young people come from affluent families and most parents have the clout to ring up the right places.

They may be helping their children or wards escape being arrested or cases registered against them, but in all truthfulness, they are pushing their children deeper into the morass of drug addiction”, he pointed out.

The official said that a large number of the students in these colleges have their own four wheelers and groups go out away from the city into the outskirts, where there is not much of patrolling, and hold their rave parties. Though efforts are being made to patrol the streets in the outskirts, but then there are safe hideouts which have become the haunt of the drug addicts”, he maintained.

Meanwhile it was reliably learnt that drugs are very easily available in various parts of the state capital from ‘rehriwalas’ selling peanuts to drug pushers who keep hanging outside the various colleges.

From cocaine to opium to crack and smack they are all available in the streets of the state capital and the large student population is the client that keeps the pushers going.

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  1. says: pandey

    Mr. Bhatt you are right and very accurate in pointing out the drug menace in Uttrakhand. Similarly, Himachal Pradesh doesn’t lag behind .It is high time we wake up from our slumber and fight this monster else the doomsday is not far for our society……………

  2. says: Lt Gen Dr Mohan Bhandari

    Many, many years ago, Atkinson of the ‘Himalayan Gazetteers ‘ fame had described Kumaonis & Garhwalis & other Hill Tribes of Uttarakhand in fair amount of details.Of the first two, apart from their other characteristics,he had talked of their three fondnesses, viz, liquor,tobacco & litigation. Intoxication also included Cannabis,Hemp & any other type of intoxication that gave an instant kick.There was no heroin,smack,brown sugar,injections,grass ,mandrax etc,etc in those days.One of the greatest tragedies of today’s environment is the wide spread use of all kinds of intoxicants that are easily available.A lot of these like ganza .charas,attar & heroin is smuggled from Nepal which is State’s Eastern neighbour. Punjab that excels in the drug menace is also almost next door to the State.Lot many drugs also find their way from Himachal Pradesh. Most of the rave parties consist of students both boys & girls who are hostellers seeking freedom ,’nirvana’ & so called liberation by indulging in these self defined ‘ macho’ activities.All sorts of Institutions have sprung up in the Paradise City -which is already bursting in her seams. Petty shops & hawkers have a field day in selling all sorts of intoxicants.These Institutions which are primarily commercial in nature & money making machines have no mechanism to control the students. Nor do they wish to do so.This is a sure harbinger to contacting even HIV & then fully blown AIDS. Governance & society both in participative mode have to come forward to stop this growing cancerous growth.Other wise we end up like Punjab /NE States.Strong,Surgical & Stern actions are needed & no homoeopathy shall work !

  3. says: shukla.s

    this is a kind of a terrorist attack. only this time the youth is the target. what would be the scenario after 10 years? a large number of intelligent youth of country will be useless,craving for drugs and our neighboring countries would just smile at us. unfortunately, young minds fail to realize it when they are taking the first shot in their life. a lot has to be done. the gravity of the situation is undermined.
    i request the readers to spread the word. please, this is the least you can do for your land… yes its Your land.. and YOU have to protect it.

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